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Capital city: Bucharest
Official language: Romanian
Currency: Romanian leu
Population: 19.3 million
EU member since: 1st January 2007

Romania is a member of the European Union, but not of the Schengen zone. The nation is a Schengen Area candidate and is in the process of becoming a member.

Because Romania is scheduled to join Schengen shortly, the ETIAS visa waiver will also be applicable. To enter Romania as a visa-free visitor, you’ll need an ETIAS-.

Following the implementation of the ETIAS travel authorization, all visa waiver passport holders must have the new travel document.

To get an ETIAS Romania online, you simply need your passport and a valid payment card.

If you are not qualified for ETIAS, you must get a visa through an embassy or consulate.

Romania shares land borders with the following countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Serbia, and Ukraine. Because Bulgaria and Hungary are both Schengen countries, you may simply travel between them by land using the same ETIAS.

Because the ETIAS is valid throughout the Schengen area, you may simply travel to any other Schengen member nation from Romania using the same visa waiver.