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Capital city: Vilnius
Official language: Lithuanian
Currency: Euro
Population: 2.74 million
EU member state since: 1st May 2004

Lithuania is surrounded by four countries, two of which are also members of the Schengen Area. Because there are no internal boundaries inside the travel zone, travellers can extend their journey to Lithuania by visiting neighbouring Latvia and Poland with the same ETIAS visa waiver.

There are also direct flights to other interesting ETIAS nations such as Germany, Greece, and the Netherlands. Lithuania’s centre location in Europe makes it an ideal starting point for exploring the rest of the continent.

Passport holders from visa-free nations do not require a visa to enter Lithuania. They will soon require ETIAS in order to travel to Europe visa-free. Shortly after its implementation in 2023, the travel authorization will become required for qualifying third-country nationals.

The ETIAS Lithuania application requires only a passport (valid for at least three months after the scheduled date of departure from the Schengen Area), an email account, and a credit or debit card. It is easier to get than a visa, and most ETIAS permits are accepted in minutes.

Foreign people who do not qualify for an ETIAS visa waiver will almost certainly need a Schengen visa to enter Lithuania. To acquire a Schengen visa, additional papers such as proof of money and medical insurance are necessary.

From late 2023, people from visa-exempt non-European countries can register with ETIAS for tourist and commercial activities in Lithuania.

The European Travel Information and Authorisation System will supplement the EU’s visa liberalisation programme by allowing visa-free travel. ETIAS will become a prerequisite for entrance shortly after introduction.

Foreign nationals from any qualified country can apply online. The form just takes a few minutes to complete, and processing times are quick.

The entire process may be performed from home, and the ETIAS is instantly connected to the passport once the request is authorised.

Foreigners from countries not covered in Europe’s visa liberalisation programme require a Schengen visa to enter Lithuania.