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After Brexit, UK nationals will be allowed to work in Europe if they apply for a visa or work permit. With ETIAS, British passport holders can remain for a maximum of 90 days each 180-day term for tourist or commercial purposes. They are not permitted to work for pay unless they have authorisation from an EU Member State.
ETIAS is only valid for short-term tourist and business visits in Europe; it cannot be used to study in a university or other higher education institution in Europe. To do so, students must first research the visa requirements of the EU country in which they desire to study. ETIAS holders may enrol in short-term leisure courses, such as language or cooking classes, as long as they do not exceed 90 days.
European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) will remain valid until their expiry date. The EHIC will then be replaced by a new Global Health Insurance Card for emergency or essential medical treatment. Nevertheless, British citizens are advised to take out travel insurance before travelling to Europe.