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Largest quarter: Monte Carlo
Official language: French
Currency: Euro
Population: 39,000 approx

Monaco has a border with France and is only a few kilometres from Italy. Both of these nations are easily accessible by ETIAS, whether aircraft, rail, automobile, or bus.

ETIAS is recognised across the Schengen Area. With the authorised visa waiver, tourists in Monaco with ETIAS can also visit countries such as Belgium, Germany, and Spain.

Monaco has no visa policy; the Schengen visa policy applies. Visitors from more than 50 countries can visit Monaco without a visa for up to 90 days. They will need an ETIAS visa waiver soon after it goes into effect in late 2023.

Visitors from other third countries must get a Schengen visa before visiting Monaco.

To stay in Monaco for more than three months, a resident permit is necessary.

To visit Monaco, all visitors from outside the EU must have a passport. Passengers from certain countries must additionally get a Schengen visa.

Passport holders from visa-exempt nations do not require a visa, but they will soon be required to register for ETIAS online.

ETIAS is Europe’s new travel authorization, and it will be necessary to access all countries where the Schengen visa regime is in effect without a visa.