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If the Emirati passport that is electronically linked to an approved ETIAS expires before the 3-year validity of the travel authorisation runs out, the citizen will need to request a new travel authorisation using the number of their new passport.

Once granted, the ETIAS is associated with the passport used for the visa waiver request and may not be transferred to a second passport, even though both belong to the same person.

Nationals of the United Arab Emirates with more than one valid passport due to dual nationality must choose one passport to apply for the ETIAS travel authorisation with.

Emirati travellers with dual citizenship must make sure to travel on the same passport used in the ETIAS application.

No. Although the ETIAS travel authorisation allows UAE holders entry into the Schengen countries for business, as well as tourism and leisure, ETIAS does not grant permission to work nor seek employment in Europe.

Nationals from the United Arab Emirates who plan to work in any of the Schengen member nations need to visit the embassy or consulate of the country in which they wish to reside and work.

Embassy or consulate officials from the chosen country will inform Emiratis of the specific requirements they need to have at hand when applying for a European work visa.