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Montenegrin citizens are allowed to remain in European nations inside the Schengen Area for up to 90 days without a visa.

When the ETIAS visa waiver is implemented in 2023, Montenegrin nationals will be able to obtain an ETIAS authorisation before travelling to any of the Schengen countries for short stays.

An authorised ETIAS from Montenegro is a multiple-entry electronic visa waiver that permits the bearer to visit the Schengen zone for up to 90 days per entry during a 180-day period.

Montenegrin nationals who desire to stay in the Schengen Area for an extended period of time must apply for the appropriate type of visa from the embassy or consulate of the particular Schengen country they plan to visit.

A valid ETIAS permits Montenegrins to travel to Schengen Area nations for business, transit, tourism, or medical treatment.

Those travelling to Europe on ETIAS from Montenegro are not permitted to work in Schengen zone nations. This is because working for a living in Europe is not one of the travel objectives covered by the ETIAS visa waiver.

Working in Europe while holding an ETIAS would violate the criteria of the visa waiver and might result in its cancellation.

Montenegrin passport holders who want to work in Europe must apply for a work permit or a national visa from an embassy or consulate of a Schengen country.

Montenegrin citizens are unable to study in Europe using an ETIAS visa waiver. This is due to the fact that studying in the Schengen Area falls outside of the conditions of the approved ETIAS for Montenegrins, which may only be utilised for business, tourism, medical treatment, or transit.

Montenegrins who intend to study in the Schengen zone must get the appropriate study permit or national visa from the embassy or consulate of the specific Schengen country they plan to visit.

ETIAS offers short leisure courses lasting less than 90 days.