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Tuvaluan citizens with an ETIAS travel authorization may conduct business in Schengen member countries for up to 90 days. The ETIAS allows Tuvaluans to conduct business or travel to all member countries.

Tuvaluans who want to work in Europe but aren’t sure which country to move to can use their ETIAS to visit all Schengen countries. When a Tuvaluan citizen finds a country that meets their needs and preferences, they must apply for a work visa at the embassy or consulate of that country.

Unlike the ETIAS, European work visas are country-specific. Working in the Schengen Area with a Tuvaluan passport and an ETIAS may result in the ETIAS being revoked, fines, and even deportation.

Tuvalu passport holders with a criminal record may still be able to travel to Europe. A Tuvaluan or third-country criminal record does not automatically mean that their ETIAS application will be denied.

The ETIAS seeks to keep people who have ties to serious crimes.

Applicants who have committed minor offences may still be considered eligible for an ETIAS from Tuvalu if they are not perceived as a threat to the well-being and security of Schengen member countries and their residents.

Individuals from Tuvalu with dual citizenship who wish to visit Europe will need to apply for an ETIAS if they comply with all the following conditions:

  • The Tuvaluan national’s second passport/nationality is from a non-Schengen country, ETIAS eligible country, or a visa-required country
  • The Tuvaluan traveller intends to visit the European Schengen member nations
  • The Tuvaluan individual will stay a maximum of 90 days
  • The purpose of the Tuvaluan national’s trip is either leisure, tourism, business, health or transit

The Tuvaluan citizen will have to choose one of their passports to apply for the ETIAS and make sure to travel on the same passport.

Once approved, the ETIAS will be electronically linked to a single passport, the one used in the application form.

The ETIAS cannot be transferred to a second passport, even if both are owned by the same person. Tuvaluans with an ETIAS on one passport who travel on their second passport may face difficulties at the border.

European Union border authorities will be unable to access the citizen’s ETIAS unless the citizen presents the passport for which the ETIAS was issued upon arrival.