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ETIAS travel authorizations are valid for three years once granted. The ETIAS visa waiver is a multiple-entry travel document for Europe. This means that during the three years of ETIAS validity, Uruguayans will be able to leave and enter Europe multiple times.

The total amount of time a traveller can spend in the Schengen area in any 6-month period is 90 days. Remember that your ETIAS visa waiver is linked to your passport. If your passport expires before your ETIAS authorization expires, you must apply for a new one.

The ETIAS authorization is valid for tourism, business, and transit. This means that Uruguayans and other ETIAS holders will not be able to legally work in Europe.

If you decide to begin working in the Schengen area while holding an ETIAS, keep in mind that you will be violating the terms of your ETIAS visa waiver as well as European immigration law. This could result in the cancellation of your ETIAS, as well as fines, detention, and removal from the Schengen Area. Your future ETIAS visa waiver applications may also be denied.

If you are a Uruguayan who wishes to work in Europe, you should first learn about the immigration policies of the Schengen country in which you wish to work (immigration law for workers varies by country) and determine what work visas you are eligible for. European embassies in Uruguay and immigration agents can assist you in determining your options.

Although Uruguayan travellers must answer questions about their criminal record as part of the online ETIAS application, having a criminal record does not preclude them from visiting Europe.

Only applicants who pose a threat to the safety of the European public will be denied an ETIAS visa waiver. Minor criminal offences in Uruguay will not automatically result in the denial of an ETIAS application.