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Bruneians planning to visit the European Union are permitted a visa-free stay of up to 90 days in any 180-day period. ETIAS will begin operations in late 2023. Travellers from Brunei will need to apply to enjoy visa-free travel.

Bruneians are permitted numerous entry into the Schengen Area as long as they do not exceed the 90-day limit in any 180-day period.

When the 90-day period expires, the traveller must spend the next 90 days outside of Schengen borders in order to re-enter.

Extending the period allowed to Bruneians in Europe can have major effects. Fines, revocation of travel authorization, or even deportation from the Schengen Area may be imposed on the citizen.

Bruneians must obtain a study visa or authorization to study in Europe. Study permits are country-specific and can be requested through the European destination’s consulate or embassy.

Bruneians do not need a visa to participate in short, recreational courses such as language or cooking classes. The course cannot continue more than 90 days in a row. ETIAS will soon be necessary to travel from Brunei to Europe for tourist purposes on a short-term basis.

ETIAS will also be accepted for conferences, seminars, and other business-related travel.