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In their application form, Macanese ETIAS candidates can only include one passport number per citizen. Travelers from Macau who have more than one valid passport due to dual citizenship must select one of their passports and request the ETIAS.

The ETIAS travel authorization is electronically linked to a single passport and cannot be transferred to another passport owned by the same individual.

If a Macanese national has more than one passport, they must apply for an ETIAS if their second passport is not from one of the following countries.

Macanese citizens with dual citizenship from a non-Schengen nation must apply for an ETIAS travel authorization in order to travel.

Students and professionals from the Macau Special Administrative Region can advance their careers in Europe by attending seminars, conferences, or workshops.

The ETIAS travel authorization permits Macanese passport holders to stay in any Schengen Area member country for up to 90 days.

Macanese citizens who desire to attend a conference or short course in a Schengen country will soon be required to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver. ETIAS will begin operations in late 2023.

The ETIAS travel authorization is suited for educational events lasting less than 90 days. It does not replace student visas and does not permit Macanese citizens to engage in long-term academic activities such as earning a degree.

When completing the ETIAS travel authorisation application form from Macau, citizens will be asked a series of security questions.

All questions must be answered honestly and all the data provided by Macanese applicants will be screened against multiple databases.

Discrepancies and dishonest answers in the ETIAS application form for Macau may raise red flags and therefore hinder the citizen’s chances of being granted an approved ETIAS.

Whether a Macanese citizen is granted an ETIAS or not when they have a criminal record will depend on several facts. For example, Macanese passport holders who have committed minor offences may not be automatically denied entry into the Schengen Area.

Macanese nationals who have a serious criminal record that are requesting an ETIAS are likely to be considered a threat to the security and wellbeing of Schengen residents and citizens.