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Ukrainians will be unable to study in the Schengen Area under the ETIAS visa waiver programme. The visa waiver is intended for travel, business, and transit purposes.

To study full-time in the Schengen Area, you must first obtain a study visa or a national visa from the country where the course is located. Travelers will, however, be able to attend short courses, conferences, and training sessions.

Working in the Schengen Area is not permitted under the ETIAS visa waiver. Ukrainians may lose their right to hold an ETIAS visa waiver if they are caught working in a Schengen country without a work visa.

ETIAS permits allow visitors to enter the region for tourism, business, or transit purposes. Working in the Schengen Area violates the visa waiver agreement.

If a Ukrainian citizen wishes to work in a Schengen country, they must apply for a work permit in the country where they wish to work. The application process evaluates the applicant’s circumstances, and decisions are made on an individual basis.

The EU has agreed to activate the Temporary Protection Directive for displaced Ukrainians. Ukrainian citizens can stay in the EU or Schengen zone for a year without applying for a visa or asylum under the Temporary Protection Directive.

Because of the current state of affairs, it is unknown how ETIAS will affect Ukrainian citizens when it is launched in late 2023. Displaced Ukrainians are covered by the Temporary Protection Directive until further notice.