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Once granted, the ETIAS will be electronically linked to the passport used to apply. The Marshallese ETIAS travel authorization cannot be transferred from one passport to another, even if both belong to the same individual.

Due to dual citizenship, Marshallese passport holders who have more than one valid passport must:

  • Choose one passport to travel on —make sure it is eligible for an ETIAS
  • Use the same passport to apply for the ETIAS travel authoriation

Be sure to carry the passport with the approved ETIAS while travelling through Europe.

The ETIAS travel authorisation is valid for 3 years as long as the Marshallese passport used during the application process remains current.

An approved ETIAS cannot be transferred to a new passport. When the Marshallese passport expires during the 3 years’ validity of the ETIAS, the travel authorisation will be rendered null.

A Marshallese citizen whose passport expires while their ETIAS is still within 3 years of having been issued will need to request a new ETIAS travel authorisation using the details of their new passport.

This can be done by filling out the ETIAS application form for Marshallese citizens with the passport number, issuance date and country and expiration date of the newly-issued passport.

The ETIAS permits Marshallese passport holders to visit all Schengen member countries for business purposes for up to 90 days in each 180-day period.

ETIAS holders from the Marshall Islands can visit various cities in different Schengen countries until they discover the one that best meets their needs and interests.

Once the individual has decided on a nation in which to work and stay, they must apply for a work visa at an embassy or consulate. In contrast to the ETIAS, which is valid in all Schengen countries, European work visas must be obtained from the nation in which a citizen desires to live.

Holders of the ETIAS are not permitted to work or seek employment in the EU. Marshallese ETIAS holders who are caught working or looking for work in Europe may have their ETIAS revoked, as well as penalties or perhaps deportation.

Although the requirements to obtain an ETIAS are simpler than those asked of Marchall Island citizens applying for a European visa, whether you can or cannot get a travel authorisation with a criminal record will depend on several factors.

For instance, Marshall Island citizens who have committed minor offences may not be systematically denied entry into the Schengen Area. On the other hand, anyone requesting an ETIAS with a serious criminal record is likely to be considered a threat to the safety and public security of Schengen citizens and visitors.

Marshall Island nationals should answer all the questions on the ETIAS application form honestly. Failure to respond honestly may raise red flags amongst authorities screening your request and therefore comprise the possibility of being granted the travel authorisation.